Pool Party

On Saturday we went over to a family BBQ with a friend of mine who watches Nuggie on the daily. She’s such a sweet woman and I love her family. Her husband is military and some what of a recluse (like us, yay!) so it’s nice to have been able to hang out with another family that we know pretty well. I worked with this woman at Brookdale Senior Living when I was a nurse there. We stayed friends afterward.

Nuggie sitting up in the cart like a big boy! He wasn’t super jazzed about being at the store. For whatever reason, sitting in the cart makes him less than enthused to be out and about. He’s fine if he’s in a seat but not in the actual cart. Why? Beats me. 

We decided that it was warm enough to take the kids to the pool so we put both babies in the water for the first time today.  It was so cute! Biscuit didn’t like the water all that much because it was way too cold for his tastes, but Nuggie lasted a while longer. Eventually, I had to put both of them in the hot tub with me. They were much happier after that. Nuggie even tried kicking around in his floaty. 

Nuggie and Biscuit sitting together in the floaty. Biscuit doesn’t really like the water all the much to be fair. He ended up spending all his time asleep in the stroller instead. 

After being in the hot tub, Nuggie had way more fun. He probably figured it was like a giant bath tub that lots of people can go into. 

Nuggie’s first wrinkle toes. 

Happy Holidays

First, I would just like to say, Merry Christmas to you all!  

Merry Christmas, from our family to yours

This season has been a bit of a whirlwind. We didn’t do a large Christmas but it was nice that we were able to take Yves and AJ to meet Santa for the first time. No tears from anyone! It was awesome. 

Santa and the Boys

We actually got a smile from Yves in this photo. To the right of the photo is my brother and his wife. Coincky-dink: we took these photos on the 11th which was also Richard and my 8 year anniversary. 

We’ll see you next year!

 Lonnie and the boys

My brother holding AJ on the left and Yves on the right (of the photo)

Richie and the boys

Richie holding the boys. Yves on the left and AJ on the right.

Playing catch up

Life sure is strange. We have managed to move within the last 3 months (tbh, it was last week.  )and we now live in a beautiful 3rd floor walk-up. 2 full bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, and guess what? Mama got her soak tub. Wine and tubbing all day long, people. We have been through 4 month vaccinations and 4 month sleep regression. We gave up and ended up bed-sharing. He goes to bed first through the extinction method and then Richard and I go to sleep when we are ready. To be honest, we all sleep better for it, so I am happy with my decision to bed share. Not to mention, I have woken up–to probably just periods of apnea–and shook Yves awake because he didn’t seem to be breathing. I thank bed-sharing for being able to react quickly.

Seeing all the Christmas decor at Michael's

This kid loves lights, he has always loved lights. Seeing all the Christmas decor made him lose his damn mind. 

New living room

Once again, I am doing my rainbow tree. I swear, next year I will pick a different scheme. We did get rainbow icicles to match though….


No more eating on the couch! We have a dining room again! We haven’t had dining space since we left our first shitty apartment. This is a super welcome improvement. Though, I hate that it’s carpet. I’m going to end up putting one of those desk mats under the table because food + carpet = disgrossting.

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