June/July recap

First year at Obon with Nuggie. Uncle went along too for the first time.

I rushed my hair and makeup for no reason. Obon-odori didn’t start until like 4:30pm and we got there at 1:30pm. 

July 14th, Nuggie turned 1. He received from me and Daddy: a mini dyson rollerball vacuum. He has a thing for vacuums. And a ride-with-me learning train.

Attempting to use a spoon for the first time. LOL

I told you, he loves that vacuum.

Some belated birthday gifts from Aunt Desert. Gorgeous wood vehicles!

At the park for cousin Albert’s 2nd birthday party. 

Back logging – May

Back in May, we had a 911 emergency with my grandmother. She ended up in ICU with cellulitis and what was turning into a systemic infection. If you know my family, you know that she has 25% heart function, CHF and COPD with o2 24h/DAY.  She’s not a healthy horse, tbh.

As you all know, my grandfather passed in October of last year, no big deal. He and I were not as close and so the grief was easier to get through. This time, we called as much of her family as we could. We were sure she was going to die. 

The hospital kept pressing us for hospice and end of life care but we held off. We wanted her to come home where we could care for her ourselves if she was going to die. So we waited. A day or so later, I got a phone call that she was alert and somewhat oriented so I drove the 2 blocks as fast as I legally could.

The second I walked into that room, I burst into tear.  I was so scared she was going to die, I had 32894832742387 thoughts of life after her death. None of them were pleasant. She always said, “im worth more money to you kids alive, than dead”, and while I have said some cruel things to her in anger and in my youth, she has literally no idea how lost and confused and lonely I would be without her.


Grandma’s sister meeting the grandbabies for the first time. Trying to be happy while figuring out how to handle our decision.

Hoppy Easter

Our first Easter wasn’t super exciting since Nuggie is still way too small to do an egg hunt. The park’s egg hunt was outrageous too. Parents and kids over 13 years old were allowed to participate which made it brutally unfair for the smaller kids. I’m surprised no one was injured, to be honest.

We ended up spending our time walking around, and then sitting in the petting zoo with the goats.  

Oh yeah, I forgot, there were some super fancy chickens!


Nuggie picked this time to stand up for the first time without holding on to anything and maintaining his own balance. 

 He looks so unsure.  You got this, Nuggie!

He sat like this by himself.  Nuggie really liked this goat though. She was super chill and let him just pat her all over.

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