?????go round

This Christmas was the best ever. Quite literally. My family never celebrates it and I am more than willing to blast them about it; despite being not as fortunate as my family, Richie’s family still finds a way to do Christmas every year. ;333 *AHEM*

Anywho, here is my Christmas get! ;158

(warning; pic heavy.)

Pretty damn happy with my get. Richie was a bit upset about the bath powder because the only one they had in stock was the Rose Champagne and he wanted to get me the whole set. It’s ok, I’ll wait. ;359 February is supposedly when they will restock so he can buy me more packs then. ;352
Some things that aren’t pictured (because they aren’t here): A cutsew, JSK patterned jumper, mini top hat & a new Hello Kitty Purse. I am super excited for them to come but since they have to come through customs there’s a chance it might not be here until New Year’s or later. ;192
I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and got everything that you wanted! I know I did! ;80
On another note, I switched to NUVARING on Thursday after my visit to Planned Parenthood. (They are going to take care of my birth control since I had to get on Medi-CAL because my insurance refused to re-instate my policy.) Surprisingly, I haven’t even noticed it being in. At first, I thought that you’d feel it and it’d be uncomfortable. Weird thing too is that if you actually have to keep them refrigerated or they go bad! ;63 I hope no one mistakes them for candy or something. ;86