200th store opening

Yesterday was freakin’ awesome. I went to the opening of the 200th H&M store in the United States. It opened in the Pacific View mall in up Ventura, CA. To celebrate, H&M offered scratchers that had amounts of money on them to spend in their store. Most were $10, but a few went all the way up to $300. hk_:O We stood in line from about 8:30AM until Noon when the store finally opened its doors. For some reason, Channel 9 showed up to film the store and I guess interview some random people at the front of the line. (Course, all I can think is, “Ventura is so boring the most exciting, media-calling event is the opening of a damn store.” ROFLMAO )

Anyways, at around 11:20 or so, they handed out our scratchers and free eco-shopper totes that had H&M goodies in them. (T-shirts, a deck of cards, a ledger and catalogs) Thankfully, these things are huge so when I go on big shopping trips/grocery shopping I have something I can use beyond plastic bags. ;228 Unfortunately, I only got a $10 card. Richie got a little luckier and scratcher a $75 card. Which, of course, he gave to me.  bear_teehee

At about noon, they opened the doors and staggered the numbers of people getting in; about 150 or so at a time. At first, I wander over to accessories where I managed to get surprised. A young lady commented about my necklace and because they she addressed it, I stopped short. She knew why and asked immediately if I was a lolita!!! hk_:O She then went on to tell me she had seen me on Main St. in Ventura before and had thought she recognized me despite not wearing it yesterday. Turns out, she’s a lolita as well. ;306  This excites me because it’s nice to find other lolita here. Beyond one other …lady, there’s just me in Ventura. Sad numbers are sad for our area as it seems most areas have at least 5 or so lolita. We exchanged numbers, shopped a little together and parted ways.

I had spent about 3 hours shopping because I couldn’t decide what to get. ;379 My feet and legs were killing me. We had gone to the gym earlier that morning so that didn’t help. But, in the end, I found a ruffle vest, a blouse, belt and some new shoes to go with Twinkle Journey (Which is FINALLY on its way and is in fact in customs at the moment.)

All in all, great day. I got about 90$ worth of stuff for free and I met a new lolita. Course today, I’m still suffering from aches and pains in my legs. I’m gonna just be lazy today and probably just nap most of the afternoon. ;367