30 day Lolita challenge: Day 1

I said I would participate in Serepuff’s 30 day challenge a long time ago. Maybe, almost two months ago! Now that I am bored enough, I feel like I’m finally ready to do it. ;140


Day one: 10 things about your Lolita bubble

Except that I’m not really sure what a bubble is, I’ll list what I think.

;135 I have incorporated the fashion into much of my daily life and activites. Such as my choices in decor and even casual clothing

;135 I always shop with lolita in mind. I tend not to wear casual clothes as much any more except to work, but I’m always looking for pieces that I can use both ways.

;135 I reblog as much lolita stuff I can find on my feed.

;135 I no longer am bothered that my hair is poofy and curly because it can easily be incorporated in a “classic curl” look or even a “fro-y OTT” look.

;135 Lolita has made me more self-aware when it comes to how I dress. I now plan outfits accordingly and make sure that I don’t wear anything tacky, garish or “people of walmart” worthy

;135 I browse the sales comm more than I lurk on facebook.

;135 I have been more encouraged to change my weight not only for the fashion, but for me in the long run.

;135 I have been encouraged to try new things, like tea houses, learning the violin, sewing, and general crafting that I would otherwise not do.

;135 I appreciate my own skin now, more than I ever have, and I put a ton of effort into looking meticulous. Especially with my hair and makeup.

;135 Tea parties, nuff said.

Even though this is only the first post, I can already tell that this meme really has you think critically about the way Lolita has affected your life and sometimes, those around you.  I know that Richard feels like when I am in lolita, he has the prettiest girlfriend in the world and that he’s walking around with royalty on his arm. In a way, it’s like being his trophy, but considering the fact that this poor guy didn’t ever think he’d have a girlfriend let alone “a girl like me”, it’s really endearing. ;42