30 day Lolita Challenge; Day 3

10 Things you hate in lolita


;84 The community; Now, I realized that I also love the community, but sometimes, the community can be so two-faced and contradictory! Girls will attack others frivolously and it’s really bothersome. The community encourages a sense of, well, community, but then we still need places like /CGL/ and Loli-secrets to cool our jets and make mean comments about others anonymously. So, I have a love/hate relationship with this.

;84 Close-mindedness; Currently, we live in an era where you have to make your own style. It’s “the cool thing to do“. Except when you walk down the street, even in the most casual of lolita outfits and some insecure moron calls you Bo peep from their car. Or perhaps they took a picture of you without permission like you’re some kind of carrnival freak. Lolita is very eye-catching, and it stands out like nothing else. But that doesn’t give anyone the right to treat a loli that way. Lolita are still human beings and many would like their personal spaces respected. Ask, don’t assume for a photo; and for God’s sake, stop calling me Goldilocks before I sic the three bears on your ass.

;84 Lolita x Fashion hate; Why all the hate? Both fashions come from the same place; both have a general idea about how a girl is supposed to look and represent herself; and both are extremely stylish and amazing! What am I talking about? The gyaru vs Lolita hate. I don’t get it at all. Lolita dresses are featured in Gal magazines from time to time as ideas for Hime and sometimes Roma gyaru and sometimes Gyaru inspirations in hair and make up are used in lolita. Get over it, ladies! ;26

;84 Decadence; Lolita is a very expensive, very decadent fashion. I love it, but then I also hate it. For a poor kid like me, the kind of money we talk about when wearing lolita is outrageous to most people. It also causes a lot of girls to lose sight of reality. I’ve seen confessions of girls who would rather buy their latest dream print instead of getting groceries or paying their bills. ;40 It’s just crazy! Sometimes, like an addiction!

;84 Too unique; While lolita is beautiful and most certainly unique, sometimes, I feel as though it may be too unique. It’s a little difficult to convey this idea, but while Lolita makes you stand out from the crowd, even in a toned down classic look, being the odd one out can feel lonely. This is especially for girls who do not have local comms, or just live too far from their local comms or even live in areas where fashions that aren’t exactly domestic and are perceived as something someone crazy or worse would wear.

;84 The paranoia; While wearing Lolita, you become paranoid of everything. ;164 Almost literally. Paranoid that you might spill something on your brand-spanking-new-brand; paranoid that someone may have left a mark on it as they brushed past you; paranoid that anything that is strenuos may cause the dress to rip some how and so on. Sometimes, it’s enough to drive me nuts!

;84 Coordination; This is actually the most fun part of lolita; however, while you’re learning, it can be extremely frustrating. Coordinations that are unique are extremely difficult, and sometimes end up as failures. They don’t always turn out the way you’d expected them to have turned out, which can be disappointing sometimes. But again, this is also why it’s fun. It really is a learning experience (albeit enough to make you wanna throw something sometimes.)

;84 Significant others who don’t enjoy it; When I say this, I mean the SOs you see at meetups who hang around in the background of the meetup, scowling, grumping and generally being a shadow over the day. If you really hate the socialization or what ever problem you have with it, please explain this to your girl or guy and don’t come. If you’re not going to enjoy the day, and enjoy that at least you’re out and the sun is shining, please don’t show up. Tell your SO that you really just dont enjoy those types of events and would rather they had fun without you being a fuss in the background. It makes me so sad to see certain friends of mine put on a fake smile because their SO decided they wanna be a weiner in their ear about how much they are hating the event.

;84 Tiered hate; Im not really sure what to call it, but one thing I really hate is the seemingly ongoing war between different styles. Goths vs Sweet, Sweet vs Classic and so on.  It’s pretty ridiculous.

;84  Vendettachans; This is almost self-explanitory, but basically girls who hate on certain other girls with no real provocation. Sometimes there is a real reason that is justified, but a lot of the times, it’s petty and childish.