30 Day Lolita Challenge; Day 4

10 foods that you like

Not really sure how this pertains to Lolita but I’ll tell you anyways. ;86


;141 Lobster; Richard actually tricked me into loving lobster. He knows I won’t try anything unless someone else has eaten it and enjoys it. He said he had it (even though he never had) ;93 I loved it. Now I’m a pretty expensive date, because all I want to do is order lobster. ;152

;141 Macarons; Thanks to one local Loli, I am now extremely fond of french-styled macarons.

;141 Takoyaki; This one was introduced by an ex-friend and probably the only thing I can thank her for. It’s delicious, tasty and definitely good for any occasion. Makes a great appretizer!

;141 Cheesecake; This one is almost self-explainatory. I love cheesecake, nuff said.

;141 Bulgolgi; Thanks to Chibi I cannot get enough of this sweet meat. She introduced me to that has the best tasting  I have ever had. There’s a place locally that has a bulgolgi that tastes similar but none will ever compare!

;141 Kakiage soba; This soba is eaten during the new yera and uses soba noodles, and tempura veggies in a delicate broth that has a slight kick to it. (Like a firework maybe? ;107 ) It’s very yummy.

;141 Squid; Or rather, calamari. It’s pretty tasty once you get past the idea that it’s squid. ;67

;141 Mashed potatoes from Red Lobster; LOL! this is pretty specific. I just like how they make them. They’re so creamy and have such a wonderful texture. ;142

;141 Clam chowder; I love clam chowder. There’s not denying it. I wont pass a bowl if I didnt have to.

;141 Anything Richard makes. ;37