30 Day Lolita Challenge: Day 5

10 things from your wishlist

I actually have a lot of things on my wishlist. ;81 Ten isn’t enough!  ;142

Yep, just because I have it in red, doesn’t mean I don’t want it in black. ;67

In black or iris, I’d die to have this dress. ;75

I’ve owned this dress before as an OP turned to skirt. I should have gone after the JSK, it fits. Now, I want it again in mint or black.

Teddy bear patisserie was something I had been introduced to last year. One of my lovely locals had worn the JSK to the Halloween event. And I’ve been coveting it ever since.

This charming piece is actually from Infanta.  ;58 I love Cinderella and embroidery. This is both. ;122

Another AATP dress that I will forever covet. Midnight summer’s dream is beautiful in every colorway it came out in. I just have a thing for navy prints.

The contrast and print in this dress is what attracts me. The cut is also very similar to my lief print and will flatter my shape very nicely.

I think most of us want this collar from Innocent World.  ;134 Lotta has really made a splash in the community, despite being as hard as the dickens to find. When you do find it, it costs you an arm and a leg. It may well be the most expensive classic piece that you can buy used. (Of course, I’d settle for the swimmer version as well. )

I love the style. It’s super cute. It’s soft and incredibly impressive in person.

I’ve discussed this print earlier this month. But it’s on my wishlist nonetheless. ;59