30 Day Lolita Challenge; Day 6

10 things you can’t live without in Lolita


I had to think long and hard about day six.


;126 Petticoats; Petticoats have become my best friend to say the least. The way they pull the skirts out help hide my hips which are a bit bigger than I’d like them to be, but they help me work with it. ;105

;126 Stockings; If it weren’t for Lolita, I’d never wear stockings. Now? I can’t live without them. I find excuses to wear them with anything and everything nowadays.

;126 Accessories; I’ve always been one to accessorize but Lolita offers some of the most unique, fun and eye-catching accessories ever.

;126 Purses; I love purses. I can’t get enough of purses. Lolita purses? they make this addiction worse. If there weren’t any loli-purses I’d probably die.

;126 Shoes; I’ve seen some of the most lovely shoes with Lolita. I want them all! Do I have a shoe addiction? Pretty sure I do.

;126 Layers; I get cold really easily and don’t layer when I wear normal clothes. Lolita is pretty much all layers, all year around! Does this keep me warm? YEP!

;126 Pockets; I used to hate pockets on dresses and found them to be ugly and matronly. Now? I freakin love pockets. Especially when you can hang cute keychains out of them. Like little surprise accessories!

;126 Cardigans; …These hide arms. HAHA.

;126 Art; Some of the art lolita inspires is just incredible. I spend hours looking at it all the time.

;126 Bows; Needs more bows? Yep, needs more bows.