I know, I forgot a title

As per the challenge from Victoria Suzanne I’m writing my own lolita check list!! :D

Loves stuffed animals and probably has a plethora of them on her bed

Has a necklace and earring pair for every coordinate and outfit.

Thinks cakes, stuffed animals and head-eating bows are a wondrous idea and no where near out of the ordinary for hair-wear.

Collects and displays purses, socks or cute knickknacks even if they have no real use.

Displays at least one or two dresses at a time, either on dress forms or on hangers against the wall to display full detail and bell of the gown.

Has attempted (failed or succeeded) to make her own dresses or accessories.

Owns more purses, totes and shoulder bags than she really needs.

Always drinks a variant of tea or milk-tea

Loves fruity blends, especially berry varieties. Raspberries, strawberries and cherries being her favorites.

Owns at least one Sanrio product, or San-X product.

Inexplicably loves Rilakkuma.

Puts more straps on her phone than really needed.

Owns more than one color of a single style of shoe

Has a small dog or a cat.

Is constantly scouring the web, magazines, communities and mooks for tidbits on new styles and upcoming releases or events.

Spends more than an hour and a half on her hair (or wig) and make alone.

constantly adds bows, frills or lace to things she thinks should have them.

Will custom deco her phone, shoes, nails and anything that CAN be deco’d.

Styles her hair to look like bows, bouffants or anything that is large, curly and can hold lots of pins and clips!

This is all I could come up with. It’s pretty darned close since I see these things a lot when I study fellow lolitas. I for one, do a lot of these things. Especially the bits about hair accessories, hairstyles, and owning more purses than I honestly need or will ever use (My epic CHER wall? ?????)

Anywho, I finally have a day off and my legs are killing me! I have started to do push-ups (standing push-ups against the table) at work every 15 minutes or so and then on my breaks and lunch, I will walk up & down the stairs behind my work until I have to go back inside. I feel like I got hit with a ton of bricks everytime I move, but I don’t wanna stop. If I do, I tend to get lazy. ;19

I’m also getting into this finicky habit of, if I went to work looking like crap, I come home and totally doll up even though I’m not going to go anywhere!! It just makes me feel better, ???????. ;100 Tonight is no exception, so I took some self-absorbed photos. Enjoy~ ;26