A little lot a bit

These past few weeks have been as hectic as all hell. ;27 The new job has been working me like crazy and with school trying to come to a close, I feel like I have no time to myself and barely any time for poor Richard who really needs the extra attention these days. His new job has him stressed to a whole new level. (On top of it, I ruined his work pants trying to hem them myself. ;41 )

In spite of all this, I was able to set aside some time to grab some things that I have been dying to try out for myself.  ;58  Many of you already use MAC products, but now I finally was able to bite the bullet and try it for myself.  I have an opinion now, but I still needed some help with their products. (Inuashley really answered a lot of the questions I had. She’s really good with makeup it seems) I bought two pots of fluidline gel liner and it turns out that because it dries out so fast, I shouldn’t have bought two. Looks like I need to make a trip back and get something else. ;57  Maybe a brown pot to change things up since I could alternate between the two. ;42

My overall haul. ;38 Lots of goodies!!

The all nighter spray works so well, I went back and bought another one.  ;23 (It was the little cheapy 10$ check out grab bottles since I didn’t wanna shell out $30 for a big bottle) I was finally running out of Forever HD blush cream after lke A WHOLE YEAR. Since you only have to use a tiny dot to get lots of color, it lasts for a long time and is seriously worth the 32$ I paid for it. Bought the hello kitty gloss because I was trying to find something similar to the pinks in the MAC Quite Cute line. ;_; -still so very very sad about that ordeal- I’m also trying out the Tarina line because I really liked the lipstick when a friend let me borrow a bit for a meet. It was very smooth and conditioning! The color stays really well!  ;91

The lipstick. I love this shiz.

Fluidline gel liner. This stuff goes on like nothing. It’s so smooth!! ;53

Oh yeah, I got my ears pierced again. (The HK earrings are the new ones)

OMAKE for the next post!

Since you see my precious Chibi in the pic, it might be a mini meet post? ;86 ;87