About the author

 What can I say? I’m full of myself. 

Name: Sara20141203_122046
Age: 27
Blood type: B-
Occupation: Nurse, MUA and fashion enthusiast
Obsessions right now: Kikki.K planners, fountain pens, Angelic Pretty’s gothic and classic pieces

I’m from California and I dream of being a trauma nurse. I am an LPN and a first-time mom of a beautiful little boy. My main focus in life is Lolita, my cats, my planners and amateur home DIY decorating. (Also, becoming an Ikea expert)
I’m 27 years old and have been blogging since 2005. I plan on blogging probably for the rest of my life if I can keep up with it.  My dream is to move out to Colorado, and work in the Denver area some where at a hospital, and live maybe out near the more rural areas so that I can raise horses in my free time. DREAM B I G, amirite?

I have one cat: Pooty.  plus two birbs: Banjo & Kazooie

I love languages and I love learning them. I picked the languages to learn that I did to better communicate with my clients. Two of the languages I am working on (French/Danish) are family languages and I’d like to be able to speak with more distant family members one day in their own language. Currently, I am studying Danish and plan on getting into American Sign Language.

J’apprends aussi français , et parle un peu pour s’en sortir, mais pas très bien。
Jeg kan godt lide at lære dansk. Jeg håber at tale det flydende én dag.

Currently. . .: Growing a turkey and getting ready for motherhood
Listens to . . .:  Metal, rock, j-rock, j-pop; classical; vintage, little bit of everything.
Likes. . .: Riding horses, books, Pinterest, planners, lolita fashion, looking through room interiors on Tumblr, and nice things
Dislikes. . .: Felicias, stale water, not having a manicure
Food. . .: Shinsengumi, curry, takoyaki, desserts of all kinds, lobster & crab–shellfish
Brands. . .: Lief, Angelic Pretty, Haenuli, Baby the Stars Shine bright, Innocent World, Juliette et Justine (not in any particular order)
Style. . .: Lolita, classic, mori; romantic
Cosmetics. . .: Urban Decay Naked foundation, Too-faced, bH cosmetics, LORAC; Matte lipsticks, nudes


  •  Holy Lantern special set (white or lavender)
  •  Lotta deer revival series (pink or sax)
  •  Holy Cross blue shirring JSK
  •  Melty Cream donut shushu or barrette in Mint
  •  Cinema doll set (Lavender or Ivory)
  •  Rabbit Letter by IW (ivory only)