After New Year Picnic and Swapmeet

Yesterday was the 2011 after New Year’s picnic, hosted by the lovely and hard-working Olivia. curly_up dancey_dancey  There were almost 70 odd people at this picnic, which I think is one of the highest non-convention turnouts yet! We also had an impromptu swap-meet as well as the company Gothic Lolita Wigs on Facebook show up to treat us to a raffle of a free wig!  ;32 (I didn’t win. SADFACE haha)

I have loads and loads of photos, so

Cut for photos! Yayayay

Beware, when you click, these are FULL resolution and just gigantic. Also,

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Beautiful sisters; Tani and Amber Beautiful Judy Paige and Ashli, the wonderous pair My favorite girls; Molly and Paige Lovely Evelin Shelby Cloud; fyeah Amanda; should be my waifu so I can have a harem of pretty girls HAHA Mai waifu Lauren is amazed by the leaves? :D

(Following two photos taken from LAphotonet)

I think that’s all I have as far as decent photos! :D Please enjoy them!

Bonus Photo!

Caught unawares while eating, and shooting pictures. Deer in headlights much?