And a happy new year!

;174 Happy New Year’s!! ;174

I hope you all had a wonderful, safe New Year’s this year! Welcome to 2011, y’all! ;2  I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I wanted to get in all my last year’s events all in one bunch! :D

Since it was raining so hard, Richard and I couldn’t go to Round 1 last week. Round 1 is a giant arcade, bowling alley, purikura, karaoke bar and then some type of place. ROFLMAO (There’s a lot to it. )So, instead, we moved the date to New Year’s Eve, hoping that not only would it not be raining, but more people could make it to party with us!

We got there around 4PMish yesterday, and didn’t leave until close to 11:30PM. (That tells you how much crap there is to do there and we didn’t even do every thing!) and Caitlin was the first to arrive. She showed up in a very toned down, classic feeling rose toilette outfit. hk_:O *heart throb* she looked so beautiful! I was in between fawning and jelly the first 20 minutes.  ;298  Molly, Paige, Jarrod, Ashley & her S.O. showed up shortly after! Everyone looked so awesome.

So, we go in, scope the place out and I start playing UFO games, while everyone else walked around deciding what they wanted to do. I managed to win (some how) Caitlin a Rilakkuma winter/Sherlock Holmes? plush. TBH, I’ve never won anything out of a UFO catcher that big before! (candy catchers don’t count.) Here’s the bad part; Caitlin attempted almost 15 times to get me one! ;39 She tried so hard! She did manage to get me one though. ;370 Except, this set off a manic trigger and she ran off to try and get more UFO prizes. It took a group effort to get her away from the UFO machines. ROFLMAO (Addiction much?)

The rest of the night was karaoke, DDR, purikura and fun times! ;69 Karaoke was hilarious and i have two videos to upload. I’ll show them in the next post.


Remember, each opens to a MUCH larger photo.