As far as Cyperous goes + meetup.

I’ll admit, I forgot to do a review on Cyperous, but I’m sure by now, we’ve all seen the photos of me wearing it. ;298  I’m so in love with it. Hahaha. In fact, I went ahead and ordered another one! That way, I have one to wear w/ Lolita and one to just wear out and about.

It’s a bit tedious to detangle, but I went ahead and ordered some wig detangler with the new one so, I’m hoping it helps. If anyone has any tips on taking care for this particular wig, let me know. I don’t wanna ruin it. ;358  in advance.

Ok so, I’ve gotten lots of questions about how my meetup went! hk_biru To say the least and to say it honestly, it was a bit rowdy and somewhat of a socially awkward event. None of the girls as far as it seemed (except for two pair) really knew one another. It was very touch and go. The girls were all very lovely and prettily dressed, so I suppose it was nice to be with a like-minded group for once. ;131 The only thing that sucked major butt-tarts was that I kept noticing this fat old man staring at us/stalking us and so like 15 minutes before the rink closed, he approached us. Or rather, he approached me and started going on about our “bo peep outfits” and “how we should come by more often”. I couldn’t get up the guts to tell him to GTFO. Cause it was downright creepy and very startling.  ;86

But, we got some nice photos. I only two took. The rest were taken by some very sweet S.O.s (significant others) who had mega SLRs to snap shots of us in. I’ll have to post them some other time though since they’re not available to me yet. le_sigh