Automatic Honey Halloween event

About two weeks ago or so, I went to the Halloween party hosted by the Fairytale Boutique for Automatic Honey which included a dinner (and surprised party) for the designers. I didn’t attend the dinner though, I just didn’t think it was worth $45 a person, so I went to Curry House with Catie instead.

We walked around for a bit and then went to stand in line to be let into the store which had exclusive halloween products from AH and autographs. (Unpopular opinion: I thought that bit was silly). They had a cute Halloween themed photo-booth set up with cut-outs of their cute ghoulish bears too. 

I think I had more fun standing in line then I did actually walking around the shop. Of course, I did get some more time to decide about whether or not I was going to buy Osanpo Candy-chan. It’s a pretty rare thing to turn up in such good condition, despite that it is missing the waist bow. The price on it was really good too. I ended up buying it of course and will pick it up on Sunday.

Lovely Lauren who is organizing the 2013 fashion show! I look so tall next to her!

No idea who this is, but she was adorbs!

The store-front was decked out with Halloween decals! It was so cute!

Da bomb, herself! Miki! Omg, she works so hard on these events. I’m so happy she’s part of our community. I LOVE HERRRR!!!

Me and Flora. She mah girl. By this time of night though, I was actually falling over in this photo because my feet hurt from the heels.

Sorry, heels. I can’t make a long term relationship with you. I just can’t.


Can you tell I finally got new lenses? I think these are GEO lenses. Got grey again, because ffff– grey looks good on me!