Beauty Review: cvs brand Facial brush

Brand: CVS

Col­or­ways: White

Retail Price: $19.99 + tax in applicable areas

Uses: Exfoliater, cleaner

Over­all Score: 3/5


A couple of weeks ago, I decided to stop using a towel for a sad excuse for exfoliation and purchase a generic brand facial brush from my work. This product was compared to the Olay brand facial brush; compared to the Clarisonic. The price between the three was exponential.  Which made it a decent buy if you’re not interested in dropping $30.00-$200.00 for the Olay or Clarisonic units.

This unit only comes in white. It has two speeds and two directions for maximum exfoliation. It’s pretty gentle, and you can really see the skin and buildup coming off when you rinse the brush. As I used it, I found less and less buildup coming off on the brush. Though if I lapsed, it was right back to pulling off lots. I tend to have lots of build up to begin with due to having large pores on my nose and near my cheeks so if I lapse, it’s like starting all over again. ;71 I did notice some skin tightening after using it. It was like my skin was able to breathe properly and because of the blood stimulation, it was better oxygenated. It alleviated some darkness under my eyes because it also worked like a massage for my face. ;91

The one thing I didn’t really notice was any minimization of my pores. I used a daily cleaner from Clearisol to help reduce oil build on my face (it helps some but I’ve got mixed skin). They clear up really nicely, but I probably should use a pore closer right after to help with clogging.

The unit is battery powered. Taking two AA batteries to power it. If you use it a lot, this will make up its cost in batteries alone. If you’ve purchased rechargeable batteries, then this product will actually need minimal charges and will give you more bang for your buck.

The unit is mostly waterproof and the battery cover has two covers for safety! ;87 (DO not SUBMERSE IN WATER.) The brush heads are small, but nice and soft with enough stiffness to get the job done. They say you have to replace them as soon as they start to indent or wear; I haven’t noticed any indenting but I’m also not grinding the thing into my face either.  ;142

Overall, it’s good for a cheapie. I don’t expect the motor to last long in it because battery motors tend to wear quickly with exchangeable power sources. It does a decent job of removing makeup and day to day grime but, it may be worth the cost to invest into one that has an AC cord. The one thing I do like a lot though is that your replacement brushes are super cheap. :fyeah: I do recommend it for a broke fashionista who wants to keep her skin looking like porcelain.

  • Christine Ta

    Definitely want to try this now!!! (: Never looked into this, but I think I will definitely invest in one! :3

  • rj

    I have oily and acne prone skin. I’m in my lat 40’s and within the past few months I started seeing age spots/moles on my face. I’ve been using the cvs exfoliating brush for a week now, using it daily and I’ve already seen a remarkable difference. Add a good diet and plenty of water and exercise and I could have beautifully flawless skin! Thanks!