Black Friday Haul

I finished my first Black Friday shift at work today; a swing shift totaling just about 13 hours. :cig: I am exhausted but I still have to go back again from 8AM to 4:30PM tomorrow.  ;94 It’s a bit stressful but I’m doing the best I can to keep sanity and get through the weekend. One thing I did to help was shop around the mall on my first shift’s break and then afterwards just to see some of the 5AM deals.  ;64I found a good-ish deal at Juicy Couture but I passed since it was still out of budget for me.

I came back for my second shift and on my lunch break, I went back just to see if the sale had changed. IT DID. On top of their 30% off entire stock, I got a -$25.00 coupon to use on a purchase of $125 or greater. It managed to work out where I got a backpack for less than $80.00 WITH TAX. ;91 ;121

I’m not that good of a bargin-hunter but call me the queen of fucking france if that’s not a good deal. The backpack retailed at $198.00. I got just over 50% off give or take some percentages. :huzzah: I guess now I can say, “WINNING“.

When it was full of stuffing, this thing expanded REALLY BIG. You could probably fit a pack of corgi puppies in it. ;135


Just books, laptop and stuff so you can see (And this isn’t even close to the full capacity)

With my camera + lens & attached hood. This shows a bit more of the width/depth but this still isn’t full capacity. :shock:

It would be perfect for travelling and since I take my camera to every meet up, it would be nice for it to be put away on my back instead of lugging it around on my arm. They get really sore carrying the camera + bags and stuff around during meets that last 8+ hours. ;31