Building for fall

I realize it’s barely August but, I’ve already started building my wardrobe for Fall. ;108 Forever 21 has been putting out some really cute stuff that I can’t really resist. It’s also a nice change from the constant pastels that I try to wear. ;02

The character was too cute to pass up. The fact that it says JAPAN on it though, actually makes me laugh. ;142

“hipster” waist-coat. Pretty cute and very warm. A little too warm for right now.

Cute plaid skirt, and a plaid “hipster” scarf. I couldn’t resist the plaid. Normally, I can’t stand plaid but this time around, I had to have it. ;140

Terribad attempt to coord it. Haha, I’ll think of something… ;66

Man, if I dressed like this in high school, I’da been a cool kid! ;170 ;18 (Maybe? ROFL)

And as you would have it, I’m not wearing any makeup, so please excuse the nude face. Oh, yeah. And the un-styled hair. ;115