Bunny and Crochet

I got sick after the picnic last week. ;379 I spent this entire weekend (Thursday – Sunday) in bed hopped up on Nyquil, with tissues stuffed up my nose. :sweat_pastels: Not a pleasant sight. I did manage, however, to find the strength to get up and go to Round One with Richard. :suki_pastels: I had a wonderful time. While it’s great to go with friends, I have to admit just going by ourselves felt really relaxing. All we did was bowl a few games, play some UFO catcher and then did neoprints to my heart’s content. ;194

The highlight of my weekend was that I received my Gardenberry print, and was able to alter and wear it when we went to Round One. :chihuahuaHEART:

(Turns out that my bust just won’t do an empire waist so I extended the straps and it now sits more like a salopette or high-waist skirt. I think. It just fits better. hahaha)