Cat snaps and get

I was messing around with my camera last night because I need to practice with it more. I am finally figuring out that using the autofocus is redundant. It never gets the focus I want, so I started using the big boy manual focus. ;164 IMO, I could get used to it. It’s a bit harder to take photos of moving objects (the cats, namely) but the shots are worth it in the end.  ;126

As far as my week went, it’s been uneventful. I’ve been hunting for a second job to make up for the lack of hours at Flark’s, but I really need the extra money so I can save up to pay for my Phlebotomy certs.

Although, I did splurge a little bit. I wandered into TJMaxx with Richard and I ended up finding a “We love plumes” shoulder bag on sale for $119. ;62 Considering how much the original price tag was ($248.99 ;57 ) I couldn’t pass it up. I did have to sell my Swan Lake skirt to buy it though. I don’t mind. The last time I wore that skirt to a legit function was in August of 2010. ;108 It was just collecting dust.

AM I A JUICY GAL NOW?! ;49 ;142


My model was the sleepy Marcus Fenix. Normally, he moves around too much to get good photos of, but he was sleeping while I was shooting these photos. (Mostly sleeping, anyways) ;163

The bag is actually really cute, the heart has sequins on the otherside. I normally don’t like sequins because to me they scream OLD LADY or 90’s BEDAZZLER but it looks cute in small amounts like this. ;146

Actually, the bag itself is impressive. ;167 It’s deep, with lots of space. I can actually carry my DSLR in there without having it look like the bag is under a lot of stress, and there’s still plenty of room for me to carry

;131 DSi

;131 Keys

;131 Cellphone

;131 Mini cher tote that acts as my makeup bag (so it’s FULL of make up)

;131 Mini tissue

;131 A thick paperback book

;131 Mp3 player

;131 Wallet

;131 almost anything else I try to shove in there at the same time. ;170 ;170