Change the world

I’ve changed my domain name every year for the past 3 or 4 years. I think the longest time I ever spent with a domain was eiffel-hart for two years. ;34 Some how I think I should have made that my new year’s resolution. To not excessively change anything that has to do with my blog. Oh wells. ;67

Lately, I haven’t really been able to buy anything, but I did manage to convince ma (in exchange for housework in both houses) to help me purchase a few things. I’m so much excite I could explode even though my order probably won’t be here until June (I don’t wanna say it, but maybe even July. ;16 )

This isn’t what I ordered, but man. I am loving all the floral denims coming into style! ;65 It really reminds me of Liz Lisa (and the 80’s a little bit…)and I am hoping I can pick up a few more items before it phases out. ;43  These shorts a little too short compared to what I am used to, but I’m hoping I can use these to learn how to coord a summer gal outfit based on it. ;58


As soon as I could, I jumped on the bandwagon and put in an order for the Sugary Carnival replica by Dream of Lolita. There aren’t any reviews for it yet, but considering what I paid for it, I’m not too concerned about overall quality except for the clarity of the print and thickness of the fabric. I had heard the original was pretty thin so I am hoping DoL got smart and printed it on something thicker. ;01

I ordered the headbow too, so I won’t be without headgear. ;92

Ordered some new tea parties. After like a year of being without a pair, I finally ordered some and in my favorite color too; lavender! ;12 (Of course, this is to match my Sugary Carnival replica.) I didn’t actually order the SS versions since they were sold out. ;57 I got An*Tai*Na. I’m slightly concerned they’ll be a darker lavender, but I can excuse it until I can get my hands on an SS pair. The difference between the two is that Secret Shop (SS) uses colors that are closer in replication to the real AP shoes than any other Taobao store.

And lastly, I ordered the DoL replica of the shooting star bag (in yellow as seen). ;115 I don’t enjoy the bag enough to purchase the real one, but I thought it might go with Sugary Carnival. ;39

Now alls I gotta do is make a short sleeved blouse for the summer! I only have a long sleeve blouse and the way it looks, it’s probably gonna be an Indian summer. (Considering how cold it is this spring) ;07