Cher eco case giveaway and stuff

TMI moment: I’m sure you’ve seen the tweets, but I’m gonna say it again! hk_anger I’m riding the ride river of doom! This of course, hasn’t occurred since I started using Nuvaring since you’re allowed to skip while on this. The hormone backlash this morning was just horrible. ;276 I kept having such horrid thoughts at work. Putting myself down and just over-all being negative. Of course, by mid-day my mood picked up and today ended up actually being a really good day. hk_dokidoki

I came home, did my hair (via Violet Le Beaux) and put one some make. I felt even better. ;251 Now, I’m just sitting around waiting for the Midnight launch of God of War III for King Richard. ;362

Don’t worry, guys. I haven’t fallen off the dietary bandwagon. ROFLMAO


Momoberi is hosting its very first giveaway! If this has any success at all, I might do one once a month or so. I love the idea of giveaways, but I’ve never had the courage to actually host one. With a little encouragement from some of my lovely twitter followers, I’m going to go ahead and host this one!

Our prize is:

A CHER ;215 eco ID/passcase! I had an extra one from the 2nd copy of Sweet I bought so I could have an extra shopper (because it seems I have taken to collecting Cher bags). So, I asked if anyone wanted it via a chance thru a give away. Positive response? I think so. ;100

Here’s how it works, comment on this entry saying you want to enter; KEY PHRASE: CHERPLZ. One winner’s name will be picked via an online generator on March 31st. You will then have 72 hours to get me your shipping information so you can enjoy your prize! :’D