Christmas 2011: a haul post

This year was exceptionally good for Christmas this year.  I had many presents from my loved one and I was surprised to find many of them were Sentimental Circus or purchased with coords for lolita in mind– With no coaching from me! :rilalove2: The only thing I don’t think I took a picture of though, is some Rilakkuma bedsheets/quilt I harassed Richard into purchasing for me as one of my Xmas gifts. :hipster:


Shappo scarf, hand warming plush muff, slippers, iphone case, rilakkuma mini tote.

Real furs: fox tail, rabbit fur muffler, silver point fox fur hat

(Please note: these ARE real furs. If you’re sensitive to this, I apologize.)

Course, this last piece from AP was a gift to myself that I picked up at the swapmeet meetup a few week ago. ;164