ColourPop bubble pop

First off, let me say, I am happy to support local companies; but when I find out your shipping warehouse is up the street from me? You’re gonna have to just cash my checks and send me shit. Just keep it coming. 


This isn’t








Told you.

 (this photo gained 232 likes on Instagram, WTF)

To say that I am obsessed with ColourPop cosmetics is to understate how I feel about their products.

When I first encountered their products in a review video, I brushed it off and didn’t look into it. I made one small order and since I am so close to their shipping facility, it only took 1 day to ship/receive. That small order turned into 2 more out-of-control gigantic orders of nearly every color pot under the sun of their eyeshadows (approximately 58 in total), 6 ultra matte lippies, 4 lippie stix + matching lip pencils, 4 bronzers, 6 blushes and 1 highlighter.  My hand slipped, and it wouldn’t stop. 

The reason is, their products are cruelty free, they are made locally within my city (business office being in Santa Monica), and the formulas for the potted pigments are nothing I have ever seen before. They are similar to cream shadows, but at not cream? They have a color pay off that gives Urban Decay a run for its money.  A little goes a long way, and it builds up to fantastic bold looks with little effort.  I’m just so in love and I want to order more.