Could you procrastinate any harder?

I have spent the last 4 or so hours sitting and playing flyff; thinking I should get up to go to the gym or at least do my homework. :mu?_pastel: I feel so lazy these days.

I took some photos of my current weightloss stats. You can see a tiny difference but not enough. I mustn’t give up! :swirly_okote:

Chibi has introduced me to the glory of korean bbq. This place was in Rowland Heights, just up the street about 5 or so minutes from Round One. $10.00 a person for all you can eat lunch!! We ate so much, I thought I was going to explode by time we were done! Everyone ate more than I did I felt so slow!  I could eat here erry day. :chihuahuaHEART:

Pinned my Round one winnings to my wall like some creepy collector. I’m so happy  to have the pair though. This gets me started on recollecting stuffed animals. I mostly want Rilakkuma stuffed animals since he doesn’t feel as childish as say Hello Kitty. (Does anyone else feel like this?)