Curly Qs or straight n narrow; maybe both

As many of you would know, I’m a mixed girl. A mulatto. What’s that? Typically, it’s African descended mixed with some form of white European, or Scandinavian. One thing that comes with being mixed, is you more often than not, get some funky hair types! Sometimes you get the best of both races, or you might get the worst. My estranged sister for example, has tight kinky curls that she keeps shaved because they’re too unmanageable, dry and difficult to care for.  That’s a little more typical of someone with stronger African hair genes.  I’m pretty much the opposite. I have looser curls that come away from my head, they’re fine, some what manageable, and a wee bit easier to care for. (Course, no curly hair of any kind is particularly easy to take care of.) Both of us, however, have hair that’s as thick as a wolf pelt. Remember that scene in Princess Diaries, where she breaks the brush? Yeah, that thick.

Where are you even going with this?

I’m not really sure, I just wanted to show you all the difference in curly and straight hair for me, as well as what I do weekly to protect the patina and health of my hair.

Holy shit, that’s a lot of hair!  ;75  And there’s more in the back. ;80 Back in the day, I was called ‘Afro puff’. Course it didn’t really puff out, it was just frizzy. Like I rubbed my head on a balloon frizzy. ;108

Half way finished! Hmm, where’s the rest of you?! ;06 Straightening helps give my hair a finer look. It condenses a lot of the natural volume of my hair to something a bit more manageable. ;61

All done! That wasn’t very good for my hair! ;28 But that’s ok. The straight hair gives me a more mature look. Curly hair can make many people look very young as curls are associated with youth. I almost look like two different people. ;96   Every time I straighten, I snip the ends a bit to help prevent dry and splitting ends. My hair has a wonderful texture, but if I don’t maintain the snipping, the ends feel something akin to a hedgehog after it’s had sex with a brush.

Pretty sure this related. ;05

I have a weekly setup to help protect my curls. Curls of all kinds are easily dehydrated and need a good deep moisturizer at least once a week. I don’t really like hot oil treatments as they seem a bit messy. So, since Jr High, to have the lovely curls I do, I use Silk Elements with Olive Oil. This can be found at any Sally’s Beauty store. It’s actually a rinse out conditioner, but I don’t use a lot so I use it as a leave in.

When do you use it though?

To answer that… After all the things!!!!!ONE!111! But, seriously, I use it after showers but only once a week. If I use it too often, my hair becomes oily at a faster rate. And dat’s nasty. ;136

The other thing I do is right after straightening my hair, I spray my boar bristle brush with Biotera heat protector. It helps your hair recover from any heat damage, smooths out any left over frizz, and helps maintain the straightness for a bit longer than normal. (Or at least it does for me)

There you have it. How I take care of my hair. Kind of. More often than not, I’m shoving it under a wig. ;164