Disneyland double date

Last weekend, despite that I was exhausted and practically dying for a rest due to a hectic work schedule, Richard and I went down to see Catie for a double date at the Beachcomber’s in Newport for brunch and a day of small adventures.

We walked around the Orange Circle for a little while, and got Richard to try on some vintage jacket sets, because he aches to go retro to compliment my style. He looked like a regular good ol’ boy from the 40’s. I couldn’t believe it. It was so attractive even though we had a hard time finding things that would fit his house-sized shoulders.

Brunch was awesome. I got fish and chips while every one else had these delicious salmon melts that actually, made me wanna change my mind about eating salmon. (then again, I always want what others have on their plate instead of what’s on my own )

Yay, we finally took a really good photo together! I wanna actually frame this one.

I just hate how the sun was abusing poor Richard. We did our best to keep him shaded but the patio at the restaurant just didn’t have enough cover.

This is where my day got super interesting. And I have a huge secret… Sad to say, but before this day, I had never step foot or even seen the magical world of Disneyland.  We strolled around downtown Disney to see some of the sights and so that I could price out getting a season’s pass. (Which, I will purchase in Jan. because buying one now at the end of the year would be stupid.) It was amazing! This car actually, despite being a hotel car, was one of my favorite things to see! Along with the fact that the hotel staff were all dressed like newsies! It was so cool!

I’m off now to get Assassin’s Creed III for Richard at the midnight launch!