Dream of Lolita: Sugary Carnival Review

Dream of Lolita. We have all heard about them by now. They’ve caused huge splashes with their reproduction of popular Angelic Pretty prints, and the extreme popularity of one in particular; Sugary Carnival. A replica that was released around the same time Angelic Pretty decided to re-release the original print. There’s too many mixed opinions on the replication of these dresses and prints; at this point, I’m for it especially for girls who either can’t seem to find a real one, need one for every day (and own a real one) or can’t fit a real one.  To me, it’s a bandaid.


Please be warned: this is extremely image heavy.

Decent print quality, color is more blue-purple than rosy-purple as per the original. The fabric is thick and well structured. I’d say it was slightly above Bodyline quality or about on par.


Good print quality until you see the “Angelic Pretty” logo. Then it gets a bit shoddy. ;164 (Maybe there were some afterthoughts about putting the real name there???)

Pretty sure the original is a little less…shaded. ;152

Grosgrain ribbon details.

Back of the dress. If you can see, my waist-tie ponies didn’t get decapitated! ;142 ;86

Better shot of my ponies. ;168

This shirring really does stretch quite a bit. Maybe I didn’t have to custom size after all. ;163

Tie loops. These aren’t too bad. ;162 If you press the lace gently with an iron, it covers these up as they aren’t the prettiest. ;159

Button details. They stitched for button holes, but never cut them into the ties. I had to cut them myself. ;95

Shoulder button details.

Hem lace details. Someone said these looked like fat pack mules. I kind of agree. ;67

Stitch details.

Not too shabby. Double stitched and serged finishes.

Now this, this was me. (Or rather my Ma who altered it while I was at work) The dress had come too long (5 inches too long) so we seperated the top from the skirt, cut it, and reset the zipper, pleats and everything else so it fit like a normal dress. Before, it looked like a night-gown and I was pretty bummed out.  ;97

(Mostly because I had asked for a 100cm total length dress thinking they would drop the waist for me. Nope. 100cm skirt instead.) ;57

Headbow front details.

Headbow rear details. Good stitches. Looks like only one loose thread peeking though.

The sorry looking waist bow. ;47 This is pretty bad. It’s floppy, the center is really loose around the bow and I may end up just stitching it to the dress.

Rear waistbow. Yeah. This is pretty bad. ;20

Omake quick coord photo