etsy, heart, wait!! credit?!

Friday was payday! ;11
And payday means once my bills are paid up, I’m gonna blow what ever I have left. So I did. ;321 It took me four hours to buy some decal stickers for my car off Amazon. ;240 That’s not good. And then I only bought two things off Etsy that I couldn’t resist having. One thing was a couture bracelet that had a Sanrio Donutella charm on it, as well as My Melody, and Little Twin Stars. ;290 I had to have it. Even though I was being completely indecisive, I had to have this.

and then if you know anything about decoden, sweet lolita or harajuku style hair pieces, you’ll know that bunny clips that look cute and decent that aren’t tiny and awkward are hard to find. Well, for 20$ I managed to find one that looked almost exactly how I would have made one if I had the time, patience and ability to make one! This was a no-brainer, so I had no problem just popping this into the cart and paying for it like, right away. ;44 Well worth the cash, if I say so myself. ;139

So cute. Can’t wait to wear this!

I was on Teahouse MB and I came across a link that lead to a visual bookmarking site that seemed to me to be like tumblr without being so confusing to me! Cause to me, tumblr is like a photo-based live-journal but then, I never can really figure it out so it just goes in circles for me. ;204 Anyways, I joined and fell in love with iiit. ;359 I’ve been “hearting” things all day! ;47

Course, while signing up I misspelled beri in my custom username/url. ;39 Don’t wanna re-make my weheartit just yet, rofl. Lemme get tired of it first. ;298

On Monday, I was offered my very first line of credit. I am excited because then I can get started on building my own credit instead of just using Richie’s. He promised that if I was responsible, and waited long enough with my name linked t his card, someone would pick up on me and offer me something; and I was. Capitol One sent me the offer so I took it and am now waiting for my card in the mail. ;69 Quite frankly, I don’t know how Richie got his card but he’s had his since he was 18 so his score is already pretty decent for someone our age. Now, I have to catch up. ;295 Haha.