Etsy Review: EGLolitaSFlorida

April has not been a good month for me at all. There’s quite a bit going on and it’s stressing me to the max. I won’t say what until later on in a private post; You’re welcome to ask for the password when the post turns up. So, to make myself feel a little better, I went snooping around on Etsy. If anyone remembers about two months ago, I had seen a lovely kitty scarf for sale which sold by time I got ready to buy it. ;154 I cried. For reals. Anywho, looking at this same shop, I noticed she had posted up several more and I bought two! (I have another on hold) hk_loveall

So here they are! (Pictures and full review after the jump)

As you can see, they’re quite long, and very cute.

Overall: 5/5

Quality: 4/5

Shipping: 5/5

Communication: 4/5

The seller was wonderful to work with and was quick to respond to my request to possibly reserve and if I bought right then and there, could she ship next day! She agreed and this was on Easter Sunday!!! hk_heart What a lovely girl. I didn’t expect a response at all let alone for her to agree on a holiday!! hk_dance

This pretty baby is made of a faux furry type of fabric. It’s soft and keeps me relatively warm! He has a lovely pearl collar with a cute little ribbon (on his rear too!) The only thing that bugs me is that he’s nothing but a giant lint ball. He leaves lint trails where ever he goes, making him not unlike my real cats. ROFLMAO

This guy is made of velveteen type fabric and is super soft! He’s a bit on the flat side body-wise but he’s warm and fuzzy nonetheless.

Aaand wearing:

Has anyone noticed how good the cher bag goes with this JSK? :D

Likelihood I will purchase again: I will. In fact, I have a pink one with what looks like roses in the fur already reserved for next Friday as a gift from Richie. hk_lovethought