Etsy Review: Thelittlebukowski

Quick review for my 1st etsy purchase
I got my first etsy package in the mail yesterday! ;133 Surprise! I didn’t think I’d see it until next week!
Over all score: ;rate_five
The good: This clip is exactly how bunny clips should be made. ;215 Not that flat piece of felt crap most people slap together and call bunny clips. Or the little plastic gumball machine toy bunnies. Thelittlebukowski knows exactly what a lolita gyaru like me wants. 3D-style, plush, and obnoxiously large accessories. ;100 When I pulled this out of te package, I was even more pleased than just looking at it online! This thing is huge compared to what I thought it was going to be. He’s a slight blue color which will make him easy to match to most things. I am going to hopefully purchase another item from Thelittlebukowski. She’s reliant, fast shipping and offers super cute items!
The bad: She didn’t have another one for me to buy. ;327

Still waiting on quite a few more etsy orders. One of which was bought at the same time as my bunny clip (see previous etsy post) and has yet to be shipped. (This is from last Friday).  I am sooo not happy. It should have at least been mailed out by now! She’s being entirely slow, hasn’t confirmed my shipping after telling me that the item would be shipped  yesterday morning.  ;369 I understand people have busy lives, and this is not the issue; don’t make shipping promises if you can’t keep them. Give me a general time frame and leave it at that.  ;132