Fairytale Boutique: Grand Opening

Went to the grand opening of California’s newest brand store, Fairytale Boutique last night. It was awesome. Not much stock right now because as they are a used lolita store (think Closet Child but for westerners) and there was a hiccup with their dry cleaner not finishing their products on time. Still, it was super cute, well put together and the owner, Miki-chan did an amazing job and put a lot of love into the store. You can just tell!

Starter dresses on the cheaper side, to help encourage new lolitas! :D Affordable!

Btssb sandals that will never fit my bunny feets!

Swimmer home gear! They had a cuckoo clock that I want so bad and it was fairly priced too!

Some of the local brands have their products in store! KawaiiGoods being one of them!

Automatic Honey has their items featured too. Sweet jesus, I want this bear skull set.

One of their more popular series.

The beautiful shop owner, Miki-chan!

Chelsea, the cutest shop girl ever. :B

Claudia (owner of KawaiiGoods) and Flora.

I am a giant compared to my cute girlfriends. ;57

Richard isn’t good at posed photography, but he takes some really awesome candids. :rilaheart:

Flora and I drooling over the AP bunny necklaces. ;133

Finally got to meet one of my idols, Julie aka SmileySquid. HNNNGH. ;08

Dunno who she is, but she was adorable!

Lor. Nicer in person!

Went out to Honda-ya afterwards with the San Diego girls who came up for the opening!


  • Oli

    Bahhh I’m so sad I didn’t see you I left at 8 :(

    • Happiimilk

      Yeah, i got there right after you left. :(

  • omg…why am I teasing myself with you girls’ pictuarz T___T my sales money…it doesn’t help it’s near AX too!! Everyone looked so cute and lovely:]

    And you look lovely even with non-jumbo iris~

  • b ho

    Aw, I’m so jealous! The boutique looks amazing! Do they have a website?! Automatic Honey stuff is so hard to find and buy. ;__;

    ETA: After sending this comment I found the url. Apparently this is it: http://www.fairytale-boutique.com/

  • Thanks for posting pictures!
    (I hope to meet Julie too one day =OOOO)