My favorite apps: Snapeee

Every week, I spend about 4-5 hours just downloading and testing out apps. I focus a lot on camera and social media apps, since that’s pretty much my passion. I love photos, and I love to connect with others.  ;08

I think I should feature ones that really stand out to me, that I don’t end up deleting a month later! ;161

Let’s start with one I found recently, and am currently just head over heels with.



Snapeee is a purikura app available here, iTunes and is also available for Droid users! There’s only one little difference; you can use it like you use instagram. It posts your photo to a larger feed, and you can comment, “recommend” photos, and follow/connect with other snapeees. So far, it seems like it’s a small community, but among Japanese kawaii enthusiasts, I can see it getting bigger. ;170 So far, next to say, DecoPic, DecoPetit and others, this probably one of the better deco applications that I’ve used so far. ;01

The interface is smooth and in English for international users. The stamp sets are free and I think they have monthly special stamps! The current ones will be available until February 15th. After that, they will disappear forever. I guess it’s like “Get it while it’s hot” type sets and then trade if you find someone else with stamps you want?  :???:   There’s lots to choose from and I’m excited to collect more stamps and frames!

I think the only thing I didn’t like about this app was that there wasn’t any filters that I could see to use. I hope they add them in the near future. That’d make this app just over the top!!! If you sign up, follow me @happiimilk. I’ll follow back because I love seeing other people’s snaps!




  • Lauren Yee

    That’s such a cute app! Is it free? :)

    I don’t have an iphone yet, but I’m going to download this on my bf’s, haha!

    • Sara

      Yep!! Its free to use, and stamps are free too!!