Finally together

Day before yesterday I drove down to Irvine because I had received a really excited IM from Caitlin. *kitaa* I was already excited because I had been tracking one of my orders and realized it was out of customs…and out for delivery. Turns out, both packages arrived and she wanted me to come get my goodies! dancey_dancey curly_up I really hate the drive down there, but it was so worth it. Got to wear my new gal outfit from H&M. ;281

So, we get there, Caitlin shows up a little late because she had Tennis practice earlier that morning. It was ok though. We got some lunch, grabbed some Lollicup and did some purikura. Sadly, I had to leave early because Richie tagged along and I needed to get him back in time for work.  ;356  So, total 4 hours in the car and only maybe 3 hours of actually hanging out.  ;276

*drumroll* curly_up

Fits, but I am like 4 inches too big so I have hanging bits. ;__; So no pictures worn…YET.

Oh lawd, is dat some Twinkle Journey?! ;367

Yessir, indeed it is.  ;16 Finally, I have my two coveted skirts/dresses. Right now, since I hate the way Rose Toilette sits on my hips, it’s more of a thinspiration skirt; a goal for me to work towards this winter.  ;158 Twinkle Journey on the other hand, with the exception of being a wee tight in the arms fits like a glove.  I love it to bits and pieces. Strangely enough, the fabric feels NOTHING like Swan Lake! hk_:O  Swan Lake is smooth where as Twinkle Journey has a texture to it. A nice texture though. It’s not like it feels like a burlap sack. ROFLMAO

I won’t be able to purchase any new dresses for a while now that Richie and I are starting to focus our budgets around our Christmas shopping so, don’t expect anymore Lolita GET posts any time soon. Lolita is, however, on my Christmas list along with the Panasonix Lumix GF-1 micro-DSLR camera so, look out for that in the future. (A clue will be my better quality photos because right now, all I have is my stupid phone rila_dead)