First vaccines

I vaccinate. I will always vaccinate. A couple of reasons: 1) An autistic child is not a DEAD child. 2) My son having Autism is not the end of the world [ we have no reason to suspect he has autism anyways]  3) There is ZERO evidence of vaccines causing autism. The benefits far, FAR outweighs the unfounded, and unproven risks.  This is not up for debate with me or mine.

After running what must have been a thousand errands after I got off work yesterday, I decided to take Yves to public health to get his first set of vaccines done. I was pretty nervous about it, not because I’m afraid of what they’ll do to him, but because I know the needles hurt and I was afraid of the aftermath of his crying. It makes me feel guilty, a little bit.  Aaahh, it’s for your benefit, Yves. I swear.

Getting 1st shot series at 7 weeks old

You can see the instant he recognizes that maybe his leg is being stabbed.  The face I’m making is a face of “LOL, this is for helping but I’m sorry it’s hurting, please don’t hate me.”

WTF man, why you stab me?!

My angry tomato

Yves at 7 weeks

His little panicky cries broke my heart but he did so well! Hell, I did really well because I wanted so desperately to cry with him but if I made a big deal about it instead of working to comfort him, he’d probably end up associating it as a dangerous situation to be in. When it’s not.


He had zero reactions, although he was a little hard to calm down at first. I had to drive home with my hand behind me petting his cheek because he couldn’t soothe unless I had contact with him. Yves got lots of cuddles, a massage and a warm nursing-bath (we nursed while bathing) before going to sleep. He seems to feel much better and was even in a smiling mood before falling asleep!