As some of you may know, I’ve been hitting the gym again. So far, I’ve lost 5lbs. I’m mildly surprised, but I’ve also had a little help from having a female gym partner. One thing that I have found does help, is documenting what I’m eating. Even if I am not eating some of the best things one day or another. For the past month, I’ve been using a site/app called My Fitness Pal. ;87 I couldn’t really stay with Livestrong. There was something about it that was just unappealing to me and I fell off the band wagon more often than not. ;41

Anyways, I wanted to share the things that inspire me to be fit. ;61 (of course, it’s mostly wishlist items. Oh well. LOL)


Mostly, it’s my extreme desire to wear one-piece style minis and salopettes from Angelic Pretty. :swt2: I’m not a sweet lolita, but the two minis that you see listed don’t really strike me as “sweet” per se. I get more fairy-kei or maybe even gyaru.  I could really see them working for gyaru. (Roma-gyaru maybe? IDK.)

Now, why would I pick dresses as my fitspiration? Why not a person or something? Because when you have to rip open a coveted and rare print (Lotta deer…) it breaks my heart. It really does. I just forced a dress to fit me instead of working to fit the dress. All I want to do is take it back in and remove the panel I added. Even if I can’t fit any of the dresses shown after I lose weight, I’d like to take Lotta back in and wear it the way it was intended to be worn. :polkyheart: That’s just my wish. ;62