Fizzy fizzy fuzzy

Guess what? I am sick again. elephant_down I was so ill I couldn’t stand up yesterday so I had to miss my class. I feel better today, but I’m gonna have to be careful and sit in the back of the class so no one else gets sick, tonight. :arrow_down:

I picked up some things from Marukai,  and Kinokuniya; Got the new issue of Sweet. Which featured a freakin’ adorable Snidel tote and a newspaper spread of Rinka which I thought was cute. I also managed to catch the bandwagon and find a foxtail. ;197

Isn’t this thing cute? It’s a little bath fizzer in the shape of a matryoshka doll! ;299 I want to use it but then I’m really in love with the packaging. Feels like a waste if I use it so suddenly. :geragera:

Aww, yeah. Fox tail.