Found our new apartment

This past week we’d finally come up with enough money to get our deposit and 1st month’s rent so, we went apartment hunting. It was harder than hell. Unfortunately, this is the season when people are looking for their own new places to live, or renewing their current leases. I don’t think I’ve called asking the same question to so many different people before.  ;31

After awhile, we just started driving around the tri-county looking for “For Rent” signs.  ;140 We had found a couple of places with potential but nothing that really hit home. Richard was getting exhausted by this point (we had already been driving and interviewing complexes for 4 hours. We saw about 10 or so complexes that had vacancies and a couple that didn’t even have anything available….) and he wanted some chinese food from the restaurant at one of his posts. We realized there were some apartments in that area we had forgotten all about! Called ’em both and viewed them, one was amazing and really clicked. So, we put a deposit down and are moving in 30 days exactly!!

Entry way

Living room; now this is just the model, but the unit was laid out the exact same way.

Dining room has hardwood floors!

Kitchen has hardwood floors, and surprisingly, there’s a microwave.

Hardwood actually ran through to the bathroom and hall.

Enough counter space for me to crowd it with make up and hair tools. ;115

That’s a queen sized bed. The room is actually really big with a little alcove that I plan to use for desk space.

Average sized closet.

Bonus of Richard exploring the court yard. ;115