Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where do you live?

    This one’s a nurse!

    1. I live in Southern California.
  2. Do you do your own makeup?
    1. Yes, I do my own makeup. I am self-taught.
  3. Could you do my makeup?
    1. Right now I am not offering my skills up for paid services. I will do makeup for close friends, but at this time, I am not providing public service. Feel free to check out my Youtube Channel for tutorials. :)
  4. Why did you become a nurse?
    1. I became a nurse because when I was born, the doctor slapped me on the butt and said, “This one’s a nurse!”.
  5. What is your ethnic background?
    1. I am Afro-Viking and Afro-Carribean. Danish and French descent maternally (both) and paternally (French). I am a mixed woman of color beside that. I love who I am.
  6. What are your tattoos of?
    1. I have three: a minimalistic cat behind my right ear, a Sailor Moon Crisis Brooch on my right thigh and a lithograph style fox on my left forearm. I plan to add more.
  7. How come you never really talk about your family?
    1. To be honest, I love my family but only to a certain extent. I have an estranged off-again-on-again sister who will always be that way, I am sure which I don’t mind. It’s always been that way for us. A completely estranged brother, brother-in-law and sister-in-law that I do not talk to whatsoever; and then I have Ma, Grandpaw, and my brother Lonnie. While we aren’t a super tight knit family, I do my best to make sure the last three are aware of my love for them.
  8. I noticed Lonnie and the rest of your family (not including your sister or estranged brother) are white. Why?
    1. My brother is white because he comes from a different father. My grandmother and mother being Danish and my Grandpaw being French. I do not know my father but was told he was afro-carribean.
  9. You post frilly dresses sometimes, what are those?
    1. Lolita dresses. If you’ve ever heard of EGL or lolita at all, this is what they are.  [Wikipedia]
  10. I love lolita! Where can I buy these types of clothes?
    1. A good place to start is the second-hand market. [LaceMarket] With users selling all over the world, you can find pieces local to you for a good price. Most pieces come from Japan or Korea. Each dress falls under a brand (Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Atelier Pierrot, etc) and then a style type (Gothic, Sweet, Country, etc) Such brand-name pieces and even the occasional offbrand piece will be extremely popular leading to second-hand price spikes. Lolita almost has it’s own economy aside from currency exchange world-wide. Many lolita also do DIY accessories, or even sew their own dresses using pre-made and self-made patterns!
  11. What are your favourite makeup brands?
    1. My main favorite brands are: Too Faced, bH cosmetics, Urban Decay, LORAC, Milani, and ColorPop. I also like trying out new products, so I am always on the lookout for brands I haven’t tried or heard of yet.

If you have any questions you would like to see here, please feel free to contact me at SARABEEXO[at]GMAIL.COM