Get: Too Faced Belle Carousel, Everything Nice palette

Yesterday we had O.B. clinicals that just would not end so it put me in a funky mood. I managed to find some extra moolah so I went to Ulta to check out the NYX fall and Adorable shadow palettes but for whatever reason the Ulta in my area hates to restock their products.   At that point I couldn’t meet up with Ladybug who had invited me to Sephora so I had to go all alone. Well, not all alone. I made Richie come with me. 

I get to Sephora with the idea that I was finally gonna buy the teddy bear brush set and kabuki brush since I wanted to have a nice set, but I look up on the display and here is the holiday palettes that were just so popular that we couldn’t even get a hold of them last year.  I’ve especially had a mighty need since I was watching reviews and tutorials for it. So, I decided to get both the Belle Carousel set and the Everything Nice palette set.



Omg, the packaging is to die for. It reminds me of something Angelic Pretty would produce. 


The colors!!


I know some people aren’t super thrilled with the glitter pouch but I love it!


The colors look really rich but I haven’t tested them yet. According to some reviews they come up really nice, others said you have to kinda work it on. It just depends on the skin type, I’m sure.


Blush, bronzer, etc. Cute little brushes, I wanna use them but because they are pure white, I don’t wanna ruin them. Ugh, not sure it’s a problem.


La Belle Carousel out of the box. It looks like a box of chocolate.


All the little chocolate bars open.  It’s mostly warm and neutral palettes. The green one is pretty sultry. I wanna try to use that one first.