Get your drank on

Last Friday, I invited my lovely wife, Christine, out for a lunch date at Paris in a Cup (will post photos for this next time). ;23 In turn, she invited me out for drinks since she turned 21 the previous tuesday. (Happy Birthday, my love.) ;42

My girl! This diva thought she could hit an Apple Martini as her first drink.

Straight alcohol on the first drink? Damn, you gots a drive. (She gave it to Kevin. It was too bitter for her) ;67

I ordered a strawberry daiquiri thinking it’d be an easy drink.

Several of these daquiris later…. ;105

We get kicked out and the staff took a souvenir photo for us. ;58 (We didn’t actually get kicked out.)

We did time-warp to Sticky Piccy though.

Pretty sure Kevin thinks I’m out of control at this point. ;79

Lizzie and Little boy Blue gettin’ their pick of purikura. ;59

They didn’t do the $1 karaoke. ;26 I was sad, I wanted to be obnoxious in there with them. ;64

Less than presentable. I hadn’t noticed my necklace or my bow being undone at all.

Damn you alchy! You make sloppy look good. ;60

We ended up at The Balcony to sober me up some more because I had to drive 2 hours back home.

What’d we get? SHAVED ICE (With live DJ toppings)

Actually, it was strawberries and bananas. The way the ice was shaved though, it was just like ice cream!