Gonna pull out my hair, I think

I’m not really into posting private blog posts because if it was really that sensitive, you probably should put it someplace besides a public blog.

These past weeks have been absolutely atrocious and I feel like I’m gonna die from the mental exhaustion.

Some amazing news, I was hired by CVS Pharmacy as a technician. Even though it’s not much more than Clark’s as far as pay goes, the hours will be full time which is something I could really use right now. I was able to quit Clark’s as my bills are up to date, and won’t be needing money until April or so. (They haven’t given me a schedule yet because they’re waiting on drug test results. Which are drug free, cause drugs are bad, mmkay.)

Some bad news: Richard’s appendix burst.  He was rushed to the ER by family for excruciating bloat and abdominal pain, and in the middle of surgery it ruptured. Thankfully, it was under the eye of the surgeon that it did, because a ruptured appendix is actually quite fatal. They had the surgical trauma team called up for him and everything. It was bad timing and now my poor baby is at home with a drainage tube on his gut and has only just begun eating solids. (This is after nearly a week and a half of no appetite)

We’re keeping an eye on him, but he’s also on some heavy duty antibiotics and antibacterials (Metronidazole and Ciprofloxapin) to keep infections like peritonitis from setting in. That was a huge issue with the rupture because of all the contaminants and such coming into contact with the rest of the lower abdominal cavity. Yeck. In all cases though, he’s faring well, and is even walking around now.

  • So glad he’s recovering due to the efforts and wonderfulness that is his waifu!!! <3 二人ともがんばってください~!!