Goose that laid the Golden Egg

Made a trip to Lush last week when I was waiting to pick up my computer.   It had been a while since I stepped foot in a Lush. My poor sister is highly sensitive to aloe products and you find a lot of it in Lush. Richard gets lost and confused though he tries; it’s pretty much an “all for me” type of store.

One thing I did notice is that they had “Dragon Egg” in stock. This bomb is so intensely popular that to find it in full stock is like them trying to hijack my wallet. 

IMG_1259 copy

Sweet Jesus, this thing made my sewing closet smell so good but it’s time I use it. 

IMG_1262 copy

The water starts out a light, frothy lemon color. It’s barely starting to smell nice. Smells like hot water and lemons which to me is tasty. Especially, when I am sick or feeling down. Perks you right up. 

IMG_1263 copy

I cracked my egg. :'( Jk, but this was half way through the dissolving process. The gold core smells like lots of lemons and other citrusy fruits. It’s super refreshing. It also has a little surprise in it.


IMG_1264 copy

It’s my legs!! (That’s not the surprise.)

IMG_1270 copy

This. If you look very carefully, you’ll notice a slightly different kind of shimmer to the water. That’s right, folks. GOLD SEAWEED GLITTER