Grand Dolly Party fundraiser

Miki, Oli, Angela and the boys from Automatic Honey put on a fundraiser for their Grand Dolly Party soiree happening next year (?) as well as to promote and ticket the Automatic Honey Halloween gig coming up next month. I’m pretty excited for it, though I’m not sure how it will pan out as far as me going. I’m starting a new job next month so we’ll just have to see. ;08

Here’s some photos from the meet. Please watch out for my derp-face. I wasn’t really prepared for this meet. I hodge-podged it. ;16

My coord that day. (No shoes, because I don’t want dirt tracked all over my carpets)

Oly! She looked so cute!

Miss sassy cat, Ashley.  She’s my gothic idol. ;12

Huurp face so I covered it, with Lauren who is planning a fashion show for Spring of 2013.

Lor being Lor. She did this the entire meetup.  Frankly, that’s her charm point. She’s so eclectic and truly spontaneous.  :party:

Danielle doing some purikura! :D She looked so pretty but my photos didn’t turn out of her!  I think someone else got some though…

Aaand I figured out that I could touch my tongue to my nose. Not very well, but it’s happening! Oooh yeah~ ;164