Halloween outfit + winter gets

Now that Halloween is over, I’ve already started looking for gifts for Richard. ;163 This season is supposed to be relaxing but it’s very much up and go.  :headless: Didn’t go trick-or-treating this year, but here’s what I wore.

/* Dress: Lief; Sacred Night /* Blouse: Fanplusfriend /* Wig: GLW /* Boots: Bordello /* Bracelets & Armor Ring: Forever 21 /* Cross Pendant: Icing /* Corsage: H&M

We went to Wood Ranch for dinner that night and wandered around the mall for a while. I was hoping to find some bargains since the season is changing but nothing caught my eye. Okay, I was just kidding. I had found a sweater at the F21 near my work that didn’t come in my size; I found it at the Ventura mall in my size!! :tomolove: I convinced Richard it was something my closet couldn’t be without. We also ended up finding a my little pony Brony shirt with Rainbow Dash on the front. :yayrila: Best shirt ever and I am not really a fan of tees since many of them have an unflattering cut for me.

with detachable fur collar! The fur had a nice color and texture to it. That’s pretty much the only reason why I wanted it.

I have never wanted a shirt more than this one. Not even the vintage sailor moon shirts compared. ;170 ;170


Trying on the sweater at Forever21. The sweater actually fit really nicely with lots of room in the waist. Which reminds me, I’ve lost a total of 8lbs this past month. My goal for November is to make it 14lbs. :joy:

I’m going to play more Alice: Madness Returns now.