Happy #Blackout

Happy Blackout, folks. #TheMelaninReturns. Last time, I did not participate in #Blackout on Tumblr, but this time I decided to go ahead and post some new selfies in honor of the day. At the time, I was just reblogging and showing support since I didn’t fully understand the movement at the time.  I feel like I can post my selfies now with a better understanding of what I am doing it for, and why. 


What is #Blackout?  Blackout is for the movement of Human Rights, specifically for people of color; To shine the spotlight on the colored community in all its triumphs, struggles; the young, old, the creative and uncreative. It’s a day to flood the world with color

Here are some links to some support pages with more information. If you are easily disturbed, please be aware that some of the links contain brutality against people of color on their pages to show examples of our plight; please view with discretion

Backout For Human Rights

The First Blackout Day 

Blackout Tumblr

Tumblr Hashtag (Click here to reblog and like selfies from the Black Community)




Today, I am asking all/any of you who participate in Tumblr or any other social media #Blackout today; do not post any of your own selfies if you are not a person of color; Please Do reblog, like or share selfies/articles/support for the Black community; Do not mention any recent terrorists for they do not deserve to share our light and Please do show your respect for the recently lost today.