Happy Halloween!

Last weekend we went up to Chumash and played a little bit. Richard didn’t win anything so he was pretty bummed, but Lady Luck seems to be my bae because I kept winning. My total payout was around $200.  It was amazing! I thought I only won like $30 but when I cashed out, I got this instead:


It was awesome. 

On Monday, I got a wild hair up my @#% and went into ULTA. They’ve really changed since I was last in there. I’m not really a big fan because they used to just be really meh as far as what they carried. Turns out, they carried pieces of Too Faced’s holiday set that Sephora didn’t get? At least, not at my Sephora. 


Sugar & Spice, & Under the Mistletoe lip piece set.


More neutral/warm tones than the Everything Nice palette.


The palette’s case and glitter makeup pouch behind it. This one is not as messy as the Everything Nice case. The glitter doesn’t come loose as easily. 


Under the Mistletoe set. These lip creams came with their own glitter pouch. They’re all shimmery to a degree, the color on the far right being the most shimmery.


Colors: Shimmering Marshmellow Bunny, Shimmering Nude Dolly, and Shimmering Spice Spice Baby

These aren’t hyperpigmented so you really need to put a primer or concealer base on your lips before using them. They have a gritty texture from the glitter but if you’re ok with that sort of thing, these are perfect. The tubes are to die for. I love the gold so much they are part of my vanity set up. 


Extra stuff I picked up, NYX Simply Vamp lip crayons, shimmer eyeshadow pencil, and nail polishes from O.P.I and China Glaze in fall/Halloween colors.  Couldn’t help myself, I really love coordination nails to the season.