Happy oj

I can’t keep my orange juice at the top of the fridge anymore. A party goes on that I have to clean up later on and then the orange juice looks like it’s making faces. Which makes it difficult to drink without laughing. :pastel_kira:

Been spending the past few nights using my bath powders and reading sweet in the bath. :wagtail: I’m really liking the outfit spreads. They’re so mori-gal feeling. Perhaps this is why I like the spring? Long, loose clothes that still have a warm feeling to them?

Used my bath fizzer. I couldn’t help myself after all! ;206 I misread the tag on the back saying that there was a charm toy IN the fizzer. So when I opened it, I was disappoint. I found the toy floating in the bath later on. *ga-a-an* (It was actually in the fizzer itself.)