Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did it a little oddly, though. Richard’s family wanted to go out Thanksgiving day so, we went to Coco’s and had dinner there. The next day, I cooked up my own. (We had a turkey laying around for a week, so I figured I may as well). :D

Yay, it’s cooking! …Actually, this guy took almost 6 hours to cook. :kick: But, he turned out super juicy and tender. In fact, his wings fell right off! ROFLMAO

Clearly though, he turned out delicious! Again, I made Apple Cider Vinegar turkey, but this time, I did a dry spice rub after marinading him.

I could barely finish 1/4th of my plate. hk_sweat I was so full, I felt like I was gonna explode.

To finish off, we had a pie that we picked up from Coco’s the day before; Pumpkin Harvest! It was delicious. It’s like a pumpkin mousse pie instead of the traditional pie so it was 10x more creamy! ;76