Harassment, Parasol beatdowns and the upbeat to being lolita

I was browsing EGL on Livejournal today and I kept coming across entries about harassment in public. People’s reactions to lolita in positive, negative and neutral lights.  It appears that because of the monotonous way of style-life in the United States, seeing something so queer snaps people back to an all too strange reality; Other subcultures do exist! It’s like until they’ve seen a Lolita the whole world is just shades of grey. How can anyone have such blinders? They see really crazy stuff on the Runways and think it’s great, but when a Lolita pops up in her cute, or classically sophisticated garb, chock full of elegance down to her toes, it’s suddenly bizarre! ;257

I, myself, have had experiences with this and it’s always difficult to maintain composure in certain situations. Especially, the negative examples. I’ve had people ask to touch my dress, or they’ll reach out at my hair to see if it’s real or not. Other than with friends and Richard, I am not a touchy-feely person so people who invade my space are typically screamed at or yelled at. I almost have a phobia of strangers touching me, even brushing against me. I get flustered, hot and suddenly anxious which in turn makes me angry and snappy. Not super appropriate for a lolita to have such a public reaction.

I’ve also received rude comments such as,

“Hey, look! It’s Mary Poppins.”

“Oooh look! An anime girl!”

“WTF are you wearing!?”

“It’s not Halloween yet!”

“Oh, I love your COSTUME

I realize that these people are just uncomfortable seeing something so out of the ordinary, but their outrageous reactions make it hard for a lady not to get her petticoats ruffled beyond measure. It’s uncalled for and flat out rude. ;123 One of these days, someone is going to throw something or say something to a troupe of lolitas and it’s going to trigger a hardcore parasol beat-down. ROFLMAO Sometimes, all I wanna say is,

” ;98 ($%#@ YOU!!) ;98 “

Then there’s the positive and neutral side of the lace. Little girls, and older generations seem to appreciate the modesty and intricacy of the outfits. hk_pose I’ve had little girls at the JVP and mall point at me excitedly and telling their parents that they see a princess, and older gentlemen have tipped their hats to me just walking down the street.  The little old ladies just like the idea of good old fashioned circle skirts and blouses. It’s very empowering and nice to know that some people still appreciate modesty and a good living fairytale. ;250 Femininity comes in more than one package, and I think people forget this. Lace, ruffles and bows don’t make Lolita any less of people than jeans and a t-shirt do to the average gals. We’re not pretending to be little girls, we don’t over-sexualize ourselves and we certainly don’t do it for the attention. We’re just regular girls, with regular ideals, dreams and aspirations. We just are “behind on the times” fashion-wise and prefer it that way. ;100